“Balham schools unite for a unique experience!”

“Utilising technology to create, animate, edit and express!”

Staff Training Workshop:


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Chestnut Grove

Movie Mount by Makayamahttp://www.makayama.com/moviemount.html

I purchased Movie mounts and additional Audio and Lens technology to get the best Movie Making results during this project. 

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The Manfrotto tripod has excellent control for pan shots due to its unique trigger grip.

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Trinity St Mary’s



Honeywell Infant school

Five classes participated in a project focusing on Louis Armstrong's "Wonderful World". Sign language, time lapse and stop frame animation, drawing and collage were used. A ‘pop video’ showcased Trinity St Mary’s students' creative energy and group work.

Three infant school classes created  outstanding video and animation work for their "One World" celebrations. Bob Marley's "One Love" was rewritten and signed using British Sign Language.

A group of talented artists, ranging from year 7-9 (11-14 years), within a school that is well known for its specialist Art provision.

Three specialist Art classes participated in one day workshops exploring the concept of visualising sounds, and developed a shared visual vocabulary. They investigated Kandinsky's imagery and Jan Svankmajer’s video techniques. The creative project evolved with students in control of visual and audio choices.

An idea board allowed students to write their ideas, directing the course of instruction and final outcomes. Many talents became apparent and these were utilized within varied  creations; artwork, animation, poetry, and signed performance.

Oak Lodge

Year 7 and 8 students’ developed their understanding of sound and music through dance, musical instrument construction and animation. They responded to a visit to "Stomp" by creating sound and movement compositions using iPads. They develop vocabulary using animation and develop their understanding of sound by using visualisation apps.

Darryl Bedford (Apple Distinguished Educator) AST for Creative use of Technology across the curriculum invites you to participate in a Balham Cluster project. Bringing schools together to celebrate outstanding achievement. Utilising mobile technology to create, animate, edit and express. Darryl has worked with classroom teachers to plan and deliver short creative projects using technology to communicate ideas.

Watch the short video below, outlining Darryl Bedford’s use of technology to bring people together, share achievement and break down the barriers to learning.

Deaf Awareness



Group Work





Green Screen Technology


Portable devices

Four Schools, fourteen classes (ranging from nursery to year 9) participated in an animation and video project using iPads. Darryl Bedford, Apple Distinguished Educator and Art teacher at Oak Lodge School for Deaf Children led the project.

Honeywell Infants and Trinity St. Mary’s performed songs in British Sign Language and created animations to accompany their performances.

Chestnut Grove and Oak Lodge School responded to the question “Can you see sound?” Their creative animations draw on imagery form abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky and Czech animator Jan Svankmajer.

The final outcomes demonstrate excellent group work skills and outstanding creative ideas.


Hi Darryl, 

Absolutely amazing brilliant and inspiring promo video, thank you. Well done to all who have been part of this. I loved it. Keep going.

Thierry Lawson (Artsmark Assessor)

Darry, I saw your video on your website regarding creative ways that children can learn and I thought it was amazing. Very clever indeed. The kids seemed to really embrace the technology and thrive.

Michael Silva – Head of Sales at Tabtor

The International Boys School Coalition is meeting in Richmond Virginia -the theme of the conference is on Boys, Technology and creativity. Some teachers have undertaken action research projects in this area, using iPads, technology and other digital means to increase the creative expression among boys in schools. Your project and work would fit right in among the others! My action research was on the use of cameras in the Biology classroom to develop digital lab reports - lab reports that used digital images and sound recordings to replace traditional written labs.

Mark Wallace MacKay

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