Enquiring Minds


Students need to develop the skills to become independent learners. The process of enquiry and it’s benefits to students’ is becoming increasingly clear. Enquiry based learning places the child in the centre of content discovery, creation and sharing. Providing opportunities for students to research, question, create and share has proven impact on their ability to reflect, manage and communicate.

Here are some links to current research and tools to help implement enquiry based learning in the classroom and beyond.

Assessing Progress

PTLS’s provide a framework for assessing student progress within an enquiry based curriculum, they also provide a good overview of what is valued within the process and help teachers identify strengths and weaknesses. They help teachers plan activities that provide learners with opportunities to develop and demonstrate their ability within each area.


Blooms Taxonomy

Blooms taxonomy provides an invaluable insight into the hierarchy of thinking skills. Assisting teachers develop the use of higher order thinking skills through active listening and focussed questioning.

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TASC Planning Wheel

Click her for TASC planning wheel

T= Thinking

A= Actively in a

S= Social

C= Context

Creative Thinking

Education thrives on creativity. New ideas often get people excited and engage minds.

The teacher can bring creativity into any classroom.

Encouraging students to creatively solve problems can facilitate an atmosphere where actively questioning and researching ideas is a part of every lesson.

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Learning Power

Students who are more confident of their own learning ability learn faster and learn better. They concentrate more, think harder and find learning more enjoyable. They do better in their tests and external examinations. And they are easier and more satisfying to teach.

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Visual Organisers

Visual approaches to developing higher order thinking skills.

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Gift Creation

All students poses strengths. The theory behind this programme aims to identify and develop these strengths or talents within pupils.

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Resources: Thinkers Toolbox

The PLTS’s have been re-imagined for the Enquiring Minds programme. and titled “Skills for Life”

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Skills for Life

Visual Coding

Visual coding has been developed to assist language impaired students develop an understanding of grammatical structure by utilising colour and shapes.

Click here for Visual Coding Resources.

Learning Logs

Learning logs are a student initiated journal using multiple learning modalities to develop understanding.

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