Oak Lodge students excel in using digital media to express themselves. Past and present students have created excellent video and animation projects.  Photography is used extensively to communicate ideas and concepts.  Visual imagery is used to support  language development. Video is used to document student ideas and give our students a “Voice”.

We aim to build on this experience and enthusiasm using state of the art, industry standard, software and hardware. We aim to develop valuable skill for future use.

We also welcome an open learning environment where staff can develop valuable skills during formal INSET sessions and informal “Drop in” Session.

The Key stage 4 Media studies curriculum will access video editing and image manipulation software to complement paper based media study. The room will include reference books and paper based media (Magazines, newspapers..etc).

We also envisage the development of a portable studio (Laptops) to work with students off site- Animation and television broadcasting projects.

We encourage staff with ICT experience and enthusiasm to get involved in the training of others.

We value new technologies in the classroom and aim to include the use of mobile computers (ipads) within the space and in many diverse spaces around the school.

Oak Lodge school will become a centre of excellence, developing skills for the future and welcoming participation and input from the wider community.

Parents will be welcome to attend training sessions in Internet safety. Parent and child workshops will also be offered, broadening our provision and encouraging people with diverse backgrounds and experiences to work together, explore together, create together and learn together.

oOur students develop skills for accessing and using technology to assist learning and communication.

oWe encourage individual enquiry, utilising mobile technology to foster personal thinking and learning skills.

oDigital media is used to express and debate opinions, report on events and communicate information. A TV production studio, built into a corner of the room!

oInternet technologies are used to foster “on line” collaboration.

oICT is used across the curriculum, utilising modern technologies to engage students’ in the classroom and providing opportunities for extended learning after school.

oStaff with ICT experience and enthusiasm are involved in the training of others.

oTraining is offered to a diverse range of people. People are encouraged to work together, explore together, create together and learn together

Explore, Create, Learn...