2 week ICT Study trip to “Silicon Valley“- San Francisco funded by “The Learning Circuit”.


Nightingale Lane Ceramic Mural Project.


“Awtworks: Young Artists of the Year Awards”  Winners - Ceramic work displayed at The Tate Modern.


Received a bursary of £20 000 from “The Learning Circuit” to develop video and animation project work across the curriculum.


February: “The Colour or Music” Project.

September: “What on Earth is Clay” project.


Wandsworth “Dragons Den” winners.

2011  Achievements

Achieved Advanced Skills Teacher status.


-Development of Project ICT website (www.projectict.com) to showcase outstanding creative achievement and document cross curriculum project work in “Themes” year 7 and 8. (Publicised throughout England in the June AST newsletter.) Incorporating feedback from two projects (Art exhibition and Brit School Project) in the form of blogs to record teacher, student and wider community comments.

-Maintained a regular ICT Blog through www.projectict.com, focusing on: Future Technology, iPads in Education, Cross curriculum projects and  Enquiring Minds.

-Developed a new Oak Lodge website using the content management engine- Wordpress: www.oaklodgeschool/wordpress.com

-Development of a blog to assist in the collection of views from a variety of audiences to contribute towards our consultation process. www.oaklodgeschoolblog.wordpress.com/

-Development of a collaborative Wiki to assist planning of the “Enquiring Minds” curriculum. http://oaklodgeschool.wikispaces.com/

-Setting up an Oak Lodge Intranet.

-Setting up an Oak Lodge School twitter account and linking it to the new Oak Lodge website.

-Setting up and managing an Oak Lodge Facebook account for past students.


-Designing and assisting in the construction of a computer lab / “classroom of the feature” consisting of:

-9 Apple iMacs

-Smartboard with integrated projector


-Chroma Key TV production / recording studio.

-Mobile iPad classroom.


-Assisting the DT department to set up heat transfer printing technology.


-Designing 3 publicity screens focussing on Communication, Curriculum and Residential provision.

-Developing a new residential logo with the help from residential students.

-Fund raising for the Residential by selling t-shirts with GCSE artwork prints.

-Designing and making 7 iPad plinth display units for publicity purposes.

PRESENTATIONS- Rated very successful through written feedback

-AST Conference (Central London) July 6th

-IPad system management: International School – Surrey: September 8th

-Southfields Community College; October 3rd


-Update the KS3 student friendly levels and accompanying assessment forms.

-Develop student friendly assessment aims for KS4.

-Assist in the development of student friendly PLTS targets and develop a recording system for Enquiring Minds students (Stickers)


-Piloting the use of a Wacom tablet and stylus pen in the Art classroom.

-Plenary initiative: Trial Smartboard flash sheets focussing on PLTS targets and higher order questioning.

-Develop Higher order questioning prompts for Art (Blooms Taxonomy)


Developing video showcases for several projects including: My Identity, On the Move, Let’s Create and My Body.

Developing cross curriculum project work in response to the “Colourscape” visit, including expressive BSL poetry.

Setting up a successful project with RCA involving year 9 Art students.

Setting up a Creative Arts Exhibition showcasing year 7 to 11 creative Arts work and featuring 16 video presentations/projections.


-Setting up an iPad group with Peri and Oak Lodge representatives.

-Offering after school training on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, focussing on iMovie, iWeb, Apple Wiki, Wordpress, Smartboard and iPad use in the classroom. (Summer Term)


-Running a short animation club for primary school age deaf students.

-Running a year 11 after school Art club with emphasis on digital technologies- iPads and animation techniques.

-Running a Friday afternoon Art Therapy club for staff.


-Through the use of LYNDA.com online tutorials I have developed skills and proficiency in:

Wordpress, iWeb, iPhoto, iMovie11, and In DesignCS5.


Architecture in schools Competition winners

Deaf Vampire video created by year 12 students is shortlisted for Deaf Filmmakers award.

TES Special  Needs School of the year Awards- shortlisted

Awarded “Artsmark Gold Award

Visited Western Pennsylvanian School for the Deaf.


Creative Balham Project- Working with 4 local schools to develop creative use of technology across the curriculum.

Achieved “Apple Distinguished Educator” Status - Class of 2013

Attended the Apple Educators Summit in Cork

Awarded Lead Practitioners status

Awarded ICT Innovation award at The Business Education Awards


Presented at the Apple Educators Conference