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Student Feedback:

What did you enjoy about the day?

Making the tiles

What is something new you have learnt about deaf people?

Different ways they interact, not just finger spelling!

What will you value most about the visit?

Having learned new ways of communication.

What would you like to show/teach Oak Lodge students when they come to visit your school?

I'm not very sure what we can teach them.

Thank you for having us at your school!


I learned many things about clay work, and deaf people, I never knew they could interact as well as they do, I also didn't know many things about syntax and grammar in sign language. I loved introducing myself and having a game of football with all the students, I will value meeting so many new people! I really want to continue learning sign language and to be able to communicate with deaf people.

Thanks so much for the visit!

Louis (Year 7) ISL Surrey Student

Thank you for the art day. I liked it the art and its beautiful the pictures. I learned the alphabet with my hands.

I wish help the students with speaking English.

Thank you,


Thank you very much for taking us on this wonderful trip to Oak Lodge School. It was very nice. Everything that we learnt is pretty much new to me. I really like meeting you very much.

From, Patrick

Dear Darryl,

Thank you for having us at Oak Lodge.

I enjoyed playing soccer with your students, and creating the tiles.

I have learned that your students are hard of hearing or deaf, but are very creative and skilful in many ways.

I value the presentation about deaf awareness the most.

The clay work was a great first time experience for me, and I loved designing the tiles.

Lunch with the Oak Lodge students was different, because it was quiet, but people first offered food to others before they took for themselves. A respectful way of eating!

Sing language might be different from spoken language, but it communicates the same, and opens up a way for people hard of hearing to speak.

Max (Year 7) ISL Surrey Student

Deaf Awareness Day Visithttp://www.projectict.com/CrossCuric/Projects/Entries/2012/5/10_Ceramic_Workshop_and_Deaf_Awareness.html