“I would just like to thank you for your inspiring contribution at Getting ready! Moving Forward! curriculum conference and making it an extremely successful event. The evaluations were highly positive and indicated that the day had a significant impact on those who attended.

The conference loved your keynote and realised the uniqueness of your curriculum approach. It is lovely to see the impact that it has had on your learners at Oak Lodge School. I can see that the you have built on the expertise of all your staff and that you have built on the guidance of you Senior Management Team ; Shani and Christine. Your headteacher has an amazing gift of animation. You are all sharing the same curriculum and learning vision of Oak Lodge. What you have achieved in such a short time is quiet incredible and I can see that many of our schools will be contacting you soon. Well done!

I was also impressed with your excellent communication skills. You presented in a motivation and engaging way and spoke with passion. This is a unique gift to cherish.”

Stephen Ellis- Curriculum Development Officer

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