We used the iPad App WAVES  to visualise sound, we then recorded kaleidoscopic performances using VIDEATOR on an iMac. Some energetic performances resulted!

The participants were asked to think of their strongest personality trait and work in groups to photograph these using picture frames. The resulting photographs were projected for discussion from the iPads using an apple TV.

On the same day as this training, Oak Lodge had several chicks hatch from an incubator. Time Lapse animation was used to capture the hatching process. This footage was used as a stimulus for teams to create stop frame “Hatching Chick”  animations.... with a difference!

iMotion for the iPad and iStopMotion for the Mac were used to capture these amazingly creative outcomes!

See the video below.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

“Balham schools unite for a unique experience!”

The aim of this session was to demonstrate creative, collaborative working approaches using a variety of apple technologies. The activities highlight a focus towards essential developmental concepts: space, sound, movement, time and sequence.

This introductory session has been a very positive start to the Creative Balham project!

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