Darryl Bedford is an Apple Distinguished Educator and an Lead Practitioner working in central London. He is an Art teacher at Oak Lodge School for Deaf Children and works closely with several local mainstream schools. He works across all key stages, providing advice, support and training focused on future technologies in the classroom. He has extensive knowledge and experience of creative cross curricular project work featuring Apple Technology. Darryl utilises video, animation, portable devices and Internet technologies to encourage collaborative learning and cross-curricular links. His enthusiasm towards the benefits of technology in the classroom is contagious!


Information Communication Technology is transforming our society. It is changing the way we work, socialise and learn. We need to prepare  our students for this information revolution and utilise technologies to harness students’ strengths and encourage enquiring minds. We wish to facilitate life long learners who are confident ICT users.  From students with additional learning needs to gifted and talented, focused ICT use can assist their learning. “Project ICT.com” maps many years of investigation, practice and reflection on this topic.

Darryl Bedford


Technology opens the door to new creative ways of learning!