Many professional organisations contributed towards the learning content:

SHAPE (Disabled and deaf people and the arts)

New London Orchestra

Oak  Lodge School Cross Curriculum Projects:


    Deaf Studies



    Design Technology

An idea of the scope and success of the project comes through in the documentary we made, clips of which can be found by clicking on the “VIDEOS” link above.

The documentary will be shown in full as part of the celebration on March 8th at Oak Lodge. The New London Orchestra have recently begin work with a group of Hostel Students to produce a musical performance for the Night. A 5 meter batik mural made by the students will also be unveiled.

“The Colour Of Music”  March 8th 2007

Oak Lodge School

“The Colour of Music” is a project conceived and partly funded by SHAPE.

The project is also funded by The New London Orchestra, The Learning Circuit, SOA Development and Oak Lodge School.

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Colour                             Rhythm                        Movement

Music                              Dance                             Vibration

Animation                       Expression                          Sound